Top 10 Unique Domain Ideas

October 8th, 2020

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What better way is there to tell people you do business internationally, that having the word ‘global’ as your domain. Now it’s true most businesses on the web are accessible to anyone on the globe, however, why not tell people this before they’ve even reached your site. Made public in September 2014, this domain is still niche and is yet to get a significant proportion of the market. Making it a superb choice for a new business that wants to do things a little different.


This is a trendy domain for those companies that want to appear stylish. It takes its origins from the Internet Computer Bureau, a domain name registry company based in the United Kingdom. The domain itself stands for British Indian Ocean territory. Although, not many people know this or associate it with a geographical location.

Subconsciously consumers associate .io with on and off. If you look at an on-off switch, you’ll notice its literally a combination of the letters I and O.


Are you a developer? Do you want to make a high tech site? Then this domain is the perfect fit. Made popular by google .dev is hot off the press and gaining popularity fast. Introduced in March 2019 it’s less than a year old, although developers have been using .dev in their internal testing environments for many years.

Most consumers associate .dev extensions as being high tech and new. If your product fits this category, then it’s a no brainer. With the might of google behind it it’s bound to grow in popularity and increase it’s share of the web.


Cool, right? Yep. Reserved for only the coolest among us, if this domain was a person it’d have shades on and kick back with an ice-cold beer. It could be a nice choice for your new clothing brand or fashion blog. Or maybe you’re selling air conditioners that run ice cool.


If your main business is not website based, for example, app based or you make money via social media. Then a .website domain is a great option, as it compartmentalises your operations.

This domain tells consumers you do more than just run a website, it’s just one small piece of the pie.


For a word so fitting with the web, .online is less popular than it should be. Not only does it send a message to your audience that you’re here in the now and ready for the future. It also sounds great if you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy, for example if you’re a bookseller that has recently gone online. Your domain could be or, in a competitive environment such as the book business it’s great to set a long lasting impression on your customer.


This one may not be unique, but it really does sound amazing. In fact, it’s one of the most popular top-level domains on the whole world wide web. Yes, on the whole of the web! Over 1.5 million websites use this domain, even googles parent company alphabet has decided to use it. Although it carries less credibility than say a .com domain, companies that want to appear trendy and appealing to younger audiences should consider this domain.


Often used by large businesses when the .com variant has already been taken. It has a similar purpose to .website as both are ideal to businesses where their main product is not website based. This isn’t to say a website-based company shouldn’t use it though, as it’s a great direct way of putting your project or business out there.


As the name suggests, it’s a perfect choice for informational websites. If your website is a niche that’s micro targeted on one category, for example Star Wars, we’d comfortably recommend using this domain.

Consumers see websites using .info as reputable and informational, again as the name suggests. Although, it’s not the quirkiest domain on the list, anyone looking to create a more conventional website will be more than happy using this domain.


What do you see? Most see business. This domain is an all-round winner, you don’t get the negative connotations that come with a .business domain of old men in suits smoking pipes and reading stock options in the newspaper. What you do get is a trendy generation z domain, that’s casual and tells people you’re a business that is to be taken seriously. Any business that’s looking to make a brand-new shiny product for the younger generation should consider using .biz.

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