Why WordPress Is The Rock Star of CMS

May 30, 2020

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What you should know about WordPress

WordPress is an open source Content Management System that has grown to monstrous proportions, it now rules over 75 million websites worldwide. Not only is it versatile, user-friendly and full of useful features it’s also completely free. This gives it a huge advantage over services such as Squarespace and Wix, which are paid services that become costly when you require more complex features. It’s important not to confuse worpress.org with wordpress.com, the latter is a paid hosting option.

Although the software itself is completely free, it’s worth noting you’ll still need to buy a domain and somewhere to store your site. The domain should cost no more than £15 a year on average and hosting will likely be under £10 a month. Try to find hosting that offers SSD storage and enough visitors, as the last thing you want is slow hosting and a website that only supports a limited number of visitors.

To give you a sense of how vast and complex WordPress was to make, it’s estimated it took over 112 years in combined person years and the project in full was estimated to cost $6 million. Did we already mention it’s free?

Why is it so great?

Websites that once costed thousands of pounds to be built by a developer can now be made by non tech savvy users in a matter of days. There’s a reason a third of all websites on the web use this CMS. From a global e-commerce store to your personal blog, WordPress gives you the tools to make your dream site a reality.

The real power behind WordPress lies within the themes and plugins that can be installed. There are literally thousands of plugins and themes out there, some free and some paid. A plugin is like an app that is installed on your site and allows you to add functionality to an otherwise static page. Themes on the other hand are the makeup of websites and control the style/look of your website. A theme will usually come with premade templates that can be installed and added to your domain, simply change the text, colours, logo and you’re good to go. The selected theme will also come with its own builder which is a huge advantage when you compare this to Wix or Squarespace. These two platforms come with only one builder that can’t be changed, however with WordPress each theme has its own builder. This gives you to have a huge amount of choice and makes it possible to switch between themes until you find a builder that is your favourite.

This being said, WordPress was created as a CMS meant for blogging and it still is today. However, when plugins and themes are added to the equation it quickly becomes much more than that. The sky is the limit!

Our Top Theme

A theme that we’ve come to love is the Divi builder. It’s designs are some of the best around and the builder itself is user-friendly with intuitive features packed in. In fact it’s the most popular theme in use today and has over 600,000 downloads.

Help support us and use our Divi referral link here.

How to set WordPress up?

If you’ve purchased your domain and have a web hosting plan, then the setup will be simple. Within the client area of your hosting there should be an option to download WordPress on the applicable domain using a 1 click install. You’ll then be prompted to enter a username and password that is used to log into your WordPress account, the password should be at least 12 characters long and contain special character, to prevent hackers gaining entry to your website.

To access your account type /wp-admin at the end of your url. Congratulations! You’ve just setup a WordPress website, now all you’ll need to do it install your favourite theme and look for necessary plugins.

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