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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain



Customers are more likely to remember a simple domain name, therefore keep it short and simple. No special cases or long names.




Your domain name is as much a part of your business as the products you sell, staying on brand keeps customers coming back.




There are over 300 million domains worldwide. Making it vital yours stands out above the rest, don't settle for a generic name.

Frequently Asked Questions


When you buy a domain name from us, the registration period is 1 year. Starting from when you buy the domain and the order is active. By default domains are automatically renewed, so you don't accidentally lose your domain to a different bidder. However, automatic renewals can be turned off.


Purchased domains do not come with a refund policy. We recommend finding a domain you are happy with, before purchasing your domain.


Yes, you can purchase a domain without web hosting. This means you'll solely own the domain, but can't publish anything to it. So users won't be able to visit your domain.


Reasons for wanting a domain without hosting may include:

  • Wanting to secure a domain name and not having a website ready.
  • Buying multiple similar domains and redirecting them to your main website.
  • Buying a domain with the intention to sell it for profit.

Yes. An external domain can be used with our hosting. This can be done through changing either your nameservers or DNS A records. Nameservers are responsible for fully integrating your domain to your web hosting server, whereas DNS A records are simply digital instructions tell the world where your website lives.


To use an external domain you'll need to purchase hosting from us, and then change the nameservers or DNS A records to point to your allocated Cybrancee server space.


Yes, your domain can be transferred to us. During the transferral process domains are automatically extended for an additional year at our current rate. There is no charge for the transferral itself.


To transfer your domain, you'll need to find out what your EPP code (authorization code) is from who you originally registered your domain with. The EPP code is essentially a password used when transferring a domain, it prevents unauthorised transferals. Once you have this code, you can navigate to the, Cybrancee domain transfer page, enter your domain name and code, and simply place the order. Once the order has been placed, the domain transferral process can take up to 7 days.


SSL is an abbreviation of 'Secure Sockets Layer', which is a global standard for encrypting communications between a browser and a web server. Most web browsers require your website to have an SSL certificate installed. You can see if a website has an SSL certificate installed if it has a padlock icon in the URL bar and the link is 'https://' rather than 'http://' (the 's' stands for secure).


Practically, an SSL certificate makes data transferred between your website and its' users unreadable to someone trying to do something malicious, such as hacking. For example, if your users need to fill in personal details when signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase, the data needs to travel from their computer to your website's server. Without an SSL certificate, this data is readable on its journey to the server, however with an SSL certificate, this data now becomes encrypted and is therefore unreadable.