1. Log into your Plesk control panel
  2. Go to the "Users" menu item on the left hand side

  3. Click on the "Create User Account" button

  4. Complete the user creation form.

    Reference Explaination
    1 This is the name of the user
    2 This will create an email address within your Plesk panel which will be associated to your new user
    3 This is the external email address which will be used for recovery purposes
    4 This is the role of the user. To learn how to create and manage roles, please visit this guide (opens in new tab): Managing User Roles in Plesk
    5 This selection will define which subscriptions this user has access to (relevant to those with more than one Plesk subscription)
    6 This is the username that they will use to log into Plesk with
    7 This is the password that they will use to log into Plesk with. Make sure this is very strong.
    8 This button makes the user active in Plesk
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