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Installing Terraria Mods with tModLoader on Pterodactyl

Make sure your server has booted up at least once (as this process creates the directories that you will need to upload the mods to)

1. Log into your Pterodactyl panel

2. Open TModLoader on Steam

3. Go to the Workshop

4. Click “Download Mods”

5. Download the mods that you want to use on your Cybrancee hosted Terraria server

6. Close the mod browser and enter the “Manage Mods” page

7. Press the Open Mods Folders at the bottom of the screen

8. This will open up two file explorer windows

9. Go to Pterodactyl and open the mods folder within the file manager (the directory would normally be /home/container/mods)

10. From one of your file explorer windows, upload the enabled.json file to the mods folder on Pterodactyl. It will look like this:

11. Your other file explorer window will have a list of numbered folders. Each one of these folders is a mod. Inside each of the folders, there is another set of folders which is the version of the mod. Go into the folder of the version that you want on your Terraria server (usually the latest one is recommended), and you will find a .tmod file. You need to upload this to the Pterodactyl panel in the mods folder.

12. Do step 11 for each of the mods you want to put onto your Cybrancee hosted Terraria server until all mods have been uploaded

13. Go into the World folder within the Saves directory (usually at: /home/container/saves/Worlds). Delete the contents of this folder – this will force Terraria to create a new world with the new mods (take a backup if you want to keep your old world file)

14. Start the Terraria server