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How to join your Vanilla Minecraft server

1. Log into your Pterodactyl panel and make sure your Minecraft server is running

2. Take a note of the hostname and port number. It is displayed below the server name

3. Go to the Startup page using the left hand side navigation and take a note of the Server Version value

4. Open the Minecraft launcher on your PC/Laptop and change the version of Minecraft to be the same as the version shown in Pterodactyl. If you do not have the version available from the drop down, add a new installation to obtain the right version. This can be done by following these steps:

4a. Click on Installations at the top

4b. Click New installation

4c. Give the installation a name, and then location the right version from the dropdown

4d. Press the Create button at the bottom. It will now be available to play

5. Press the play button and wait for the game to install and load up. Once loaded, press the Multiplayer button

6. Press the Add Server button

7. Give the server a suitable name, and then add in the hostname and port from the panel

8. Press the Done button. You will now see your new server listed

9. Double Click the server to join it!