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Setting up Cybrancee Webmail on Windows Mail App

1. Create a webmail email account through Cybrancee. (Click here to see the guide on this)

2. Open up the Windows Mail application and Press the “Accounts” button

3. On the right hand side, a new panel will open. Click on the “Add Account Button”

4. Select the “Advanced Setup” option from the popup

5. Select the “Internet Email” option from the list

6. Insert the mail server details into the form and press “Sign in”. If you don’t know these details, you can access them by following stepĀ 7

7. This step is for those who don’t know the INCOMING and OUTGOING SMTP settings.

Log into your Plesk control panel and head to the Mail page. Next to the email address you want to add, click on the (i) icon. This will open up a panel on the left containing the required details.