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Accessing and Creating FTP Users in Plesk

1. Log into your Plesk control panel

2. Go to the “Websites & Domains” menu item on the left hand side

3. Scroll down to the domain you wish to add a FTP account for and click on the “FTP Access” app

4. Click on “Add an FTP account”

5. Put in the username of the FTP account

6. Put in the location of where the FTP account can access (leaving it as / will mean that the FTP account can access all files for that domain)

7. Put in a secure password for the account

8. Press OK

9. To access the newly created FTP site. Install an FTP tool such as FileZilla (

10. Once downloaded, open the tool.

11. In the “Hosts” box, put in “ftp://ftp.” and then your domain. It will look like this (

12. In the “Username” box, put in the username you created earlier

13. In the “Password” box, put in the password you created earlier

14. In the “Port” box, put in the number 21

15. Press “Quickconnect”

16. If you get the following pop up, press “Ok”

17. Once you have connected, you will see on the right hand side the list of files available on the server