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How to change the WordPress installation folder in Plesk

Before following this guide, please take a backup of your website. Also note, your WordPress site will not be accessible until you have completed all steps of this process.

You will need to be logged into your Plesk control panel and also your WordPress site to do this. Use the below two guides for assistance:

How to log into Plesk

How to log into WordPress

1. Once logged into WordPress, navigate to the General Settings page

2. Update the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) field to have the new path. In this example, we want to remove the /wordpress/ directory so that everything is at the root.

3. Scroll down and press the Save Changes button (When you press this button, your WordPress website will go offline – follow the rest of the guide to complete)

4. Go to your Plesk Control Panel and head to the File Manager

5. You will see in this example, all of the WordPress files are in the wordpress folder. Go to the WordPress folder, highlight all files and press the Move button

6. Select the new folder and press OK (If you have files in the location you are moving the new files to, press the Replace existing files to overwrite them)

7. Your WordPress website will now be available on the new file path!

8. A side effect of this is that the WPToolkit will need to be detached and attached again. Follow this guide here to complete this task: