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Understanding and Modifying File Permissions in Plesk

1. Log into your Plesk control panel

2. Go to the “Files” menu item on the left hand side

3. Navigate to the file or folder which you wish to modify the permissions for

4. Click on the whitespace to the right of the name of the folder or file and select the “change permissions” setting.

5. From here, and by using the below reference as a guide, change the permissions to what you want them to be, then press the “Apply”

Key wordDefinition
OwnerThe user who owns that file or folder
GroupThis is for the user group
OthersAnyone else (anyone who visits the site). Anyone on the internet
ReadMeans that the person can read the contents of the file
WriteMeans that the person can write to the file
Execute/SearchMeans that the person can execute the files or look inside the directory