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How to Add a ZeroSSL Certificate In Plesk

If you don’t wish to use the built in free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, you are able to obtain your own SSL certificates using other sources, such as ZeroSSL.

1. Log into your ZeroSSL account:

2. Click the New Certificate button at the top

3. Enter the domain name that you wish to secure

4. Choose the period you wish to secure the domain for (90 day is free)

5. Leave this option as default, and press Next Step

6. Choose the plan that you want (choose Free if you are on the free plan – Cybrancee has a paid account, so we don’t have the Free option)

7. Choose your preferred method of verification. Use the following guides to help for each of the methods:

8. Follow the verification steps

9. If it is successful, you will be directed to a new page where you can download the SSL files

10. Press the Download Certificate (.zip) file, extract the zip and store it somewhere safe

11. Log into your Plesk control panel

12. Click on the SSL/TLS Certificates button

13. Click on Advanced Settings

14. Click on the Add SSL/TLS Certificate button

15. Give the certificate a name

16. Fill out the identity details

17. Click on the Choose File button next to the three SSL components, and select the files from the extract you downloaded earlier.

18. Press the Upload Certificate button just below

19. You have now successfully uploaded a ZeroSSL generated SSL Certificate to your Plesk panel.