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Installing WordPress in Plesk

1. Log into your Plesk control panel

2. Go to the “WordPress” menu item on the left hand side

3. Click on “Install”

4. Select the installation path. This is which domain you wish to install WordPress on

5. Enter your desired title

6. Select a set of plugins if you wish. We advise installing these if you are a beginner to WordPress as it helps remove part of the leg work

7. Select your preferred website language

8. Select the WordPress version. We strongly advise keeping this as the default option for security reasons

9. Enter in the username you wish to use for WordPress (make sure to avoid words like “admin” & “administrator”, or your company name/alias)

10. Enter in your preferred email address (used for WordPress notifications and recovery options)

11. We suggest leaving the Database options, however if you are an advanced user, you can change the table names and user details here

12. Under “Automatic Update Settings” you can allow or disallow the ability for plugins, themes, and WordPress to update themselves

13. Click Install

14. You will now be able to access your site using the following URL layout (e.g.