How Can We Help?

Getting support with the Pterodactyl panel

On occasion, you may need some support from the Cybrancee team with your Pterodactyl panel. The Cybrancee team are trained on how to best use Pterodactyl and how to investigate complex faults within the platform.

If you encounter any issues that you need support with, please contact our team via the client area. We have a full featured ticketing system where you can communicate directly with us.

To help us provide a solution faster, please always include the following information in your ticket:

Server NameThis is the name of your Pterodactyl server. We need this so that we can locate your account. We host thousands of applications, so providing us with your server name helps us greatly.

You can obtain this by either going to the Settings page within Pterodactyl, or by looking above the console window on the server homepage.

The server name is defaulted to a string of random numbers and letters (although this can be changed within your server settings page)
Error MessagesError messages are displayed within the console window. Copy and paste these errors into your Cybrancee ticket so that we can debug the code.

If the application crashes, the error messages are cleared from the console window if the page is refreshed, so it is important that these shared with us in the ticket so that we can quickly review the details.
Replication StepsEvery application is used differently, and by providing us with the exact steps you took to get the error, we are able to replicate the error on our end and investigate the issue faster. If we need to implement a fix, we are able to then follow the same steps to confirm that the issue is resolved.
Context/BackgroundEvery customer uses their panel for different reasons, so to help us understand the issue more effectively, we ask that we are provided as much information about your usage as possible. Examples could be: How you interact with the application, are there any scheduled tasks, are there any risks with restarting the server etc.