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How To Migrate Your Minecraft Server Away From Shockbyte

Use this guide to migrate away from Shockbyte to Cybrancee in less than 10 minutes.

1. Log into your Shockbyte account and then log into your MultiCraft panel

    2. Click the Files option on the left hand side

    3. Click the FTP File Access option

    4. Copy the details provided on this page into your favourite FTP client (Such as FileZilla)

    5. On the left hand side of your FTP client, move into a clean directory (this is where the files will be downloaded from Shockbyte)

    6. Connect to the FTP site using your credentials. You may get this popup below, click OK.

    7. On the right hand side of the FTP client, you will see a list of files. These are all of your Minecraft server files

    8. Highlight all of the files and click download

    9. This will take a few minutes, and once done, the files will appear on the left hand side

    10. Go to your Cybrancee Minecraft Hosting server ( and navigate to the Settings page. This page will show you your SFTP address and username. Your password is the same as your panel password.

    11. In your FTP client, enter in the details from the Cybrancee panel, as well as your password. You should see something similar to the below image:

    12. Drag all of the files from the left, over to the right. This will begin the upload. You should Overwrite any existing files.

    Quick tip – Delete the server-icon.png file to remove the Shockbyte branding from your server banner

    13. Go back to your Cybrancee Minecraft Hosting panel, double check you are using the correct Minecraft Version and Java Version, then press start.

    To change the versions, please use these guides:
    Change Minecraft Version

    Change Java Version

    If you need any support with migrating over to Cybrancee, please reach out to our support team, who would be more than happy to assist.