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Adding an Addon Domain in Plesk

1. Log into your Plesk control panel

2. Go to the “Websites & Domains” menu item on the left hand side

3. Click on the “Add Domain” button. (This will not show if you are on Free Web Hosting or have exceeded the quota)

4. Enter the domain you wish to add to your Cybrancee hosting

5. The location of the files will be set automatically, you should leave this as the default

6. If you are adding the domain to be used to host a website, choose the Website Hosting option from the hosting type drop-down. If you are using this as a service to forward you domain to another domain, choose the Forwarding option

7. The next two tick boxes will apply if you want to also manage emails and your DNS through Cybrancee. If you do want to use these services, ensure you tick the boxes and use the two Cybrancee nameservers

8. Depending on what you selected for option 6, you will either have a “Document Root” option or a “Destination Address” option. Document Root is where the website files will be stored and Destination Address is the URL you want to forward that domain to

9. Next you can select if you want to make your domain appear as www. or not.

10. We recommend adding an SSL certificate to your domain, this can help with SEO but more importantly your website security. This can be done by ticking the tick box labelled “Secure the domain with Let’s Encrypt”. You will also need to specify what email address to send alerts to.

11. Press OK