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How to Create MySQL Databases in Plesk

1. Log into your Plesk control panel

2. Go to the “Databases” menu item on the left hand side

3. Click on “Add Database”

4. Give the database a suitable name

5. If the database is for a website on the Cybrancee, select the site from the “Related Site” drop down

6. If you want to create a default user for the database, ensure the tick box “Create a database user” is ticked. If you don’t want to create a user, untick the box and skip to step 10

7. Give the user a suitable username

8. Give the user a strong password

9. If you want the user to have access to all the databases you have in Plesk, then tick the “User has access to all databases within the selected subscription” tick box (Not recommended)

10. Press OK