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How to use Git in Pterodactyl

Before you can use the Git integration, you must ensure that you have no files in your Pterodactyl file manager.

1. Log into your Pterodactyl panel and open your server

2. Go to the Start Up page

3. Populate the following fields:
– Git Repo Address: The url of your git repository
– Git Branch: The name of the branch that you want to pull
– Auto Update: Enable (this will do a git pull command when you start the server)
Apply the below as well if the Git repo is private
– Git Username: The username for your Git account
– Git Access Token: The access token used as a secure alternative to a password

4. Once the Git settings are applied, you will need to reinstall the server. Do this by following this guide: Reinstalling A Server

5. After the reinstall is complete, restart your bot, and it will pull from your Git repository.